The Interest of Exporters of Denizli for “ E-Transformation in Export Meeting” was enormous…

Within the scope of the "E-commerce Project” initiated under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy and the Turkish Exporters Assembly and with the cooperation of E-GLOBER which is the partner of E-commerce Portal in Turkey; " E-Transformation in Export Denizli Meeting” was held on Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at DENIB Conference Hall in order to support SMEs and the transformation from traditional export to e-export.

As Deputy Chairman of Turkish Exporters Assembly and President of Denizli Exporters Association, Süleyman Kocasert realized the opening speech of the meeting. Kocasert underlined that e-commerce had increased while the world economy had been shrinking last year and e-commerce was in a rising trend. He also informed the guests about the total e-commerce in our country exceeded 30 billion TL, in the last 4 years it increased from 630 billion USD to 1.6 trillion USD and the total e-commerce in our country exceeded 30 billion TL.

Following the opening speech; Emrah CORA, The Operations Director of E-GLOBER gave informations about the meetings throughout Turkey that they held to facilitate the access of Turkish SMEs to new markets, to create new exporters and in order to contribute the digital transformation of SMEs. CORA also made a presentation about "E-commerce in the world and Mass Membership to E-Commerce Websites Project” to inform the participants. After informing part; the question and answer section of the meeting was passed.

The event held in the Denizli Exporters Association's Conference Hall attracted a great deal of interest from the company owners, senior managers, sales-marketing and export department personels.



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