Pride For Denizli Exportes Association!

Innovations and Inovalig Awards were given to the finalists of the competition organized by the Turkish Exporters Assembly.

In the competition in which almost one thousand firms participated; "SME Special Award” was presented to "Evteks Limited Company” which is the company of Isa Dal, Board Member of DENIB.

Isa Dal referred that their success at the competition was realized as a result of a long-term work and combination of dreams, experience and faith. He also stated the fact that to be selected as the most innovative SME in our country and to achieve this success makes him proud.


Suleyman Kocasert, Deputy Chairman of Turkish Exporters Assembly and DENIB President, regarding the subject, mentioned as following: "Denizli has a very important potential in export. "SME Special Award”s coming to Denizli among one thousand applicants from all over the country is very important and proud. It is a concrete indicator of how much our innovation consciousness has started to increase. A seperate source of honour for us is the fact that the author of the award, İsa Dal, actively serves on the Board of DENİB. We congratulate İsa Dal and his collegues and we wish that their successful works will continue.”



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