Target Market is İtaly for Denizli...

7th Meeting of "10 Province 10 Country Project” which is gone live by TİM Academy within Turkish Exporters Assembly was executed at Denizli Anemon Hotel on 15th of February 2017 with the contributions of Commercial Receivable Insurance Solution Partner, Coface Insurance, Logistics Solution Partner, UPS Turkey, Media Solution Partners, Global Connection International Media, Turkishtime Economy Magazine in addition to HALKBANK and VODAFONE, main solution partners.

Beside Mr Ahmet Altıparmak, Governor of Denizli; Mr. Suleyman Kocasert, Deputy Chairman of TIM and President of DENIB; Mr. Luigi Iannuzzi, Italian Consul in İzmir; Mr. Pietro Alba, Chairman of the Izmir Italian Chamber of Commerce; Salih Sarıkaya, Deputy Chairman of Denizli Chamber of Commerce; a lot of exporters, industrialists and invited guests attended to the event.

Why Italy?

Product groups in Denizli's export and structure of Italy's import was examined. It was determined that textiles and apperal, iron and copper products constitute very important part of Denizli's export and this products have an important share in Italy's imports from all of the world. Italy is the 4th country with %7,2 share in Denizli's export. So, choosing Italy as target country for Denizli could increase the market share of Denizli and contibute to the exporters..

Exports to Italy in 2016 increased by 10.1%.

Mr. Suleyman Kocasert as Deputy Chairman of TIM and President of DENIB did the opening speech of the meeting. In his speech Mr Kocasert underlined that Denizli which is developing city with its entrepreneurial and innovative spirit and has a very special place both in our export as well as in our economy, is the 8th exporter province of Turkey. Moreover he indicated that Turkey's exports to Italy in 2016 increased by 10.1%, reaching the highest level of 7.6 billion dollars and Denizli's exports to Italy also rose by 14% in 2016 to 193 million USD.

Mr Kocasert emphasized that since the first registered exports made from Denizli were based on 2000 years ago and the clothing products were taken to Rome over Ephesus many times and Italy is a very important country in export of Denizli because of the export share of Italy in Denizli's total export last year (2,766 billion USD) was about to 7,2%.

Luizi Iannuzzi, the Italian Consul in Izmir, expressed his satisfaction in being invited and in his speech, underlined that the relations between Turkey and Italy are very strong.

In the first part of the panel held after the opening speeches; the presentations whose titles are "Location and Market Analysis of Italy in the Region” by Prof. Dr. Emre Alkin; "Strategic Analysis of the Italian Market and Opportunities for Market Entry” by Mr.Ali Orhan Yalçınkaya, Economist of TIM; "Practical Suggestions and Opportunities While Working with Italy” by Mr. Burak Yılmaz, T.C. Ministry of Economy Milano Previous Trade Attaché ; "Winning and Taking Place in Italy with Design” by Nilo Gioachhini, the world famous Industrial Designer; "Winning with Design and Competition with Design” by Mr. Sertaç Ersayın, Chairman of the Industrial Designers Association (ETMK) and Design Turkey Executive Board Member were executed.

In the second part of the Denizli Target Market Italy Meeting; Culture of Doing Business with Italy in the titles of " In depth Italian Market” by Mr Giuseppe Moggi, President of Italian Chamber of Commerce and Italy Market Investment Opportunities, Market Future and Trends by Mr. Aniello Musella, Director of Commercial Relations Development, Italian Trade Agency shared with the participants. "Logistics Solutions in Exports to Italy” were shared by Caner Tek, UPS Turkey Executive Vice President, Marketing. Informations about the risks in the Italian Market and ways to find the right local partner in Italy and ways to control the credibiliry of the firms were transferred by Mr Emre Özer, COFACE Board Member and General Manager.



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