A Russian committee consisted of 3 members of Domoyov Structure, which is the affiliate of Start Corporation, attended buyers mission event organized in Denizli and Bursa in the coordination of Ministry of Economic Affairs and Turkish Exporters' Assembly on the 6th of May.

In the organization performed in Denizli Exporters' Association on 6 May 2015, the buyers mission made bilateral interviews with our 15 member firms about home textile products including blankets, linens, towels, carpets, bath mats and pot holders.

At the end of the organization, Russian mission stated that they had found Denizli home textile products would be effective for enhancing the export to Russia.

Süleyman Kocasert, the president of Denizli Exporters' Association, put the emphasis that such organizations like buyers missions would help increasing Denizli's exportation and reaching 500 billion USD export volume by 2023 according to Turkey's Export Strategy

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