The final of Turkey Innovation Week İstanbul 2014, organized by the cooperation of the Ministry of Economy and the Turkish Exporters' Assembly for the third time, was held between December, 4 to 6 2014 in Istanbul Congress Center. The Netherlands took part as "partner country” of Turkey while local companies such as Arçelik, Sabanci Holding, Turkish Economy Bank(TEB) and Turkish Airlines (THY) attended the organization as "strategic partners”. 40,000 paritcipants including executives, authors, designers, academicians, marketing specialists, R& D supervisors, astrophysicists and many university students had visited the Turkey Innovation Week İstanbul 2014 for three days. . Local and foreign inventors not only exhibited their projects but also shared their experiences in the process of innovation.

On the first day of Turkey Innovation Week İstanbul 2014, Mehmet BÜYÜKEKŞİ, the President of Turkish Exporters' Assembly made an opening speech and stated ; " Innovation is the key element for Turkey to maintain its competitive position, to achieve its impressive growth and to enhance social welfare. Through Turkey Innovation Week organizations which we have organized for three years, we succeed to unite industry and academy, creativity and passion, experience and vision. While 15,000 and 27,000 participants had attended the Turkey Innovation Week in the first and second years of the organizations respectively, our expectation for this year is going beyond 30,000 participants.”. The Prime Minister of Turkey, Ahmet DAVUTOĞLU and the Minister of Economy, Nihat ZEYBEKCİ participated in the organization on the second day and emphasized the importance of improving the concept of innovation for stronger economies.

In his speech on the last day of Turkey Innovation Week İstanbul 2014, The President of Turkey, Recep Tayip ERDOĞAN stated " The first step of innovation in the developed countries is production of new ideas. New ideas and creative projects should be supported even though they are not possible to be commercialized. If you make use of one of those creative projects or ideas properly, it may result in a world-shaking project that inrease your profitability”. Besides, Recep Tayip Erdoğan expressed his appreciation in order to be part of such an organization.

Deputy Chairman of Turkish Exporters' Assembly and President of Denizli Exporters' Assembly, Süleyman KOCASERT gave an statement after Turkey Innovation Week İstanbul 2014 was over: " We are so happy that we have been part of an gorgeous organization. Almost all of Denizli Exporters' Association's staff together with executive board attended the Innovation Week. In order to raise awareness about the culture of innovation, such organizations should be supported in all senses. Besides, what Turkey needs in order to achieve Turkey's export strategy of reaching 500 billion USD export volume by 2023 is to boost the production of high added value products in all sectors. In this sense, innovation has primary importance.

The awarded projects from 17 different design contests across the country and from R&D Market Project Design Competitions were exhibited in Turkey Innovation Week İstanbul 2014. Denizli Exporters' Association opened one booth in which the awarded projects of " 3rd Home and Beach Wear Design Contest”, which was organized by Denizli Exporters' Association on September,2014, were exhibited. The finalists had also participated the organization and presented their designs to the visitors.

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