Great Interest to Denizli Food Cluster in Moscow…

Denizli Food Cluster attended World Food Moscow with 12 firms between 14 and 17 September 2015. The 12 firms were Altıntop Kuruyemiş, Aynes Süt ve Süt Ürünleri, Biriz Kuruyemiş, Boss Seracılık, Çalışkan Tarım, Ece Kuruyemiş, Hacı Şerif, Nutova Kuruyemiş, Özpekler Su Ürünleri, Smyrna Seracılık, Ülkü Meyvecilik and Yenita Organik Tarım Ürünleri.

The introduction of attendance firms was realized in the booth organized by Southern Aegean Development Agency.

Cluster member firms from Denizli made B2B meetings during the fair and had opportunity to introduce their firms and products. Denizli Exporters Association representatives gave information about the cluster projects executed by Ministry of Economy.

In the first day of the programme, Denizli Food Cluster visited Auchan Stores. During the last day, the cluster had a visit to Food City which is one of the biggest wholesaler compounds.

Within the concept of the project, Denizli Food Cluster will continue marketing programmes in the next periods.

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