DENIB was in Canton Fair for Second Time…

Denizli Home Textile Cluster, which is supported by the Ministry of Economy under organization of Denizli Exporters Association, have been Guangzhou for Canton Fair in the extent of "International Cluster Project” between 01 and 05 May 2016.

The cluster companies Asil Nakış, Dereköylü Tekstil, Erteks, Evteks, Kaynak Havlu, Menekşe Tekstil, MS International, Neşe Tekstil, Oğuzlar Tekstil, Pamir Tekstil, Vateks and Zorel Tekstil were the exhibitors in the fair. In DENIB info booth, cluster project information was provided together with Turkish Towels promotion.

Guangzhou Consul General Batu KESMEN and DENIB Board Members Ahmet ZORA and Arif ŞENSÖZ attended a meeting organized by China Fair Directorate. In the meeting, Turkish Towels was introduced and collaboration opportunities were emphasized.

In addition, Guangzhou Consul General Batu KESMEN visited Denizli booths and presented participate certification for their attendance.



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