DENIB Was In Abu Dhabi...

Within the scope of "Improving International Competitiveness of Denizli Food Sector Project” which is executed by Denizli Exporters Association collaboration with Ministry of Economy; Denizli Food Cluster exhibited at SIAL Middle East Food and Equipment Fair in Abu Dhabi, UAE on 7th- 9th of December, 2015.

During The Abu Dhabi Trade Mission, Denizli Food Cluster with delegation contained 16 people and its 8 member firms including Altıntop Nuts, Biriz Nuts, Ece nuts, Çalışkan Agriculture, Hacı Şerif, Kırbıyık, Nutova and Özpekler Fisheries, arranged retail tours and B2B meetings.

Besides B2B meetings, exhibitor firms of Denizli Food Cluster had an opportunity to promote their companies and products. While Denizli Food Cluster was distributing its catalogues at its info- desk; it informed the visitors about The UR-GE Project and Denizli Food Sector.

Booths of Denizli Food Cluster were visited by Mr Mustafa Levent Bilgen, Turkish Ambassador of Abu Dhabi and Erdinç Erbay, Abu Dhabi Commercial Counsellor.

Within the scope of retail tour programme, Denizli Gıda Kümesi had a few meetings with Purchasing Managers of Fathima Group to assess cooperation with Fathima Group besides visitation of Fathima Group's warehouses and a supermarket.

Denizli Food Cluster, as a part of URGE Project, is continuing to arrange different Trade Missions for raising Denizli's export rates…



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