DENIB visits Manchester Chamber of Commerce in the U.K

Our association has organized an international marketing program for U.K for our clustering project with support of Ministry of Economy, Turkey.

18 distinctive producers from Denizli has showcased top quality home textiles products under "Turkish Towels” logo during two events in Manchester and London on 24 & 26 February 2015.

Turkish Towels trademark is also launched in the U.K. Süleyman KOCASERT, deputy chairman of Turkish Exporters Assembly and president of Denizli Exporters Association has underlined the importance of Turkish Towels for branding and promotion of home textiles produced in Denizli during the council meeting in Manchester Chamber of Commerce on February 23,2015.

Manchester Chamber of Commerce, with its app 450.000 members within 10 counties aims at providing the best service to its members via sector forums. Informative events and l surveys are organized by the chamber to take pulse of economic interest of Manchester. Clive Memmott, the chief executive, Mike Mason, the finance director and Susana Cordoba, overseas business netwroks initiative regional coordinator highlighted the trend of textile investments and prospect of a long term network was on the agenda of the meeting.

The two cities share a similar historical past in textile production as well as same target of providing the best member service. We'd like to thank Manchester Chamber of Commerce for their kind hospitality and interest in our program and hope our cooperation will begin soon with solid steps towards a strong network.

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