DENIB Hosted "Iran Buyer Mission"

"Iran Buyer Mission” activity was organized by Denizli Exporters Association in the extent of "International Cluster Projects” supported by Ministry of Economy between 25 and 28 January.

20 home textile firms coming from Tehran, Tabriz, Mashed and 16 Denizli firms involved in "Home Textile Cluster Project” made B2B meetings.

In the last day of the organization, the mission visited Denizli Exporters Association. During the visit which hosted by DENIB President Mr. Suleyman KOCASERT, Deputy Chairman Mr. İbrahim UZUNOĞLU and Board Member Mr. Ahmet ZORA, the trade relations and cooperation opportunities were discussed. The Iranian businessmen gave important information about the economic structure and home textile sector of their country. Alireza RAJI who took the floor in the name of the mission said that the hosting was perfect and emphasized that they were very satisfied of coming to Denizli and making B2B meetings.

The President of DENIB Mr. Suleyman KOCASERT said that by the help of disembargo, Iran could be one of our important trade partners. Turkey and Iran are very close countries as cultural and historical. We made efficient B2B meetings with Iranian trade mission. We hope that the export of Turkey will increase both our province - Denizli and Turkey.


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