“A Milestone in Denizli” by Denizli Exporters Association

Denizli Home Textile Team Project carried out by Denizli Exporters Association (DENIB) in collaboration with Ministry of Economy continues its activities intensively.

In recent periods, the member companies of the project which introduce Home Textile Sector of Denizli by participating in the most prestigious fairs and B2B meetings held in the target countries; at this time they welcomed representatives of 20 Buyers from 10 different countries ,which is a first in Denizli.

Managers of Denizli companies which are participants of the project and the representatives of The Buyer Mission took part in the B2B meetings organised in Denizli Colossae Thermal Hotel between 25th of February and 1st of March.

DENIB Sheds Light on the Future

Suleyman Kocasert, Deputy Chairman of Turkish Exporters Assembly and President of DENIB, made statements about the Buyer Mission. Kocasert, explaned that Turkey's Home Textile Sector has about 3,5 percent share of the World's Home Textiles Exports. He also highlighted that Denizli which exports half of the "Turkey's home textile export" alone, has the largest share in our country.

Kocasert continued his speech as:

"Denizli Home Textiles Sector, Our province "Denizli” is known as the capital of home textile in the world and we are shedding light on the future with our strength from thousand years of history.”

Within the Project, Denizli Home Textile Marketing Team which has continued its activities for 6 years successfully and participated in more than 10 marketing programs in very different continents, welcomes an extensive delegation which has 20 representatives from Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Croatia, Latvia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia and Ukraine in our city.

Representatives of the Buyer Mission both had the opportunity to have B2B meetings and had the chance to conduct on-site inspections at the host factories. In a highly productive two-day period, we have explained the "Denizli Home-Textile Industry" in the best way "

Representatives of The Mission who visited to the Denizli Exporters Association on-site, were informed about the activities of DENIB. They stated that they made important business contacts in Denizli and they are quite pleased to be participants of such an organization.



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