Record in Economic Growth!

The 3th quarter growth data was announced by Turkey Statistics Institude. In the 3th quarter of the year, which includes July, August and September, the economy of our country grew by double digits as 11.1%.

The base effect we experienced in the same period of last year and the loans provided through the Credit Guarantee Fund contributed to the two digited growth rate. We can say that economic growth recognized above the expectations is extremely important and encouraging. Another important point is that we are the fastest growing economy, leaving behind all the countries of the world.

The Highest Growth of The Last 6 Years!

We see that we have achieved the highest quarterly growth performance of the last 6 years with growth data beyond all forecasts. International organizations that have made very low growth forecasts for our country since the beginning of the year have revised up our country's growth forecasts upward. However, it seems that; our country economy, which we expect to grow in the band of 6.5 percent by the end of the year, may once again mislead international institutions.

Powerful Contribution by Export!

Another important point that I would like to mention is that exports once again offer a positive contribution to the growth. We are very happy to see that exports have contributed the highest contribution of the last five years to the growth by 3.5 points. So, one third of the growth is based on exports. This situation makes us, the exporters very happy, showing us that we are doing the right things while walking to our targets..




Deputy Chairman of Turkish Exporters Assembly

President of Denizli Exporters Association