Exporters Will Keep Doing Their Tasks

First of all, I must say; we take pride in being a part of the nation that took a legendary stand against the nefarious attempt in 15th of July. We are beholden to our society who did not hesitate to become martyrs in that night. Turkey has showed what its powers and how it may respond not only to traitors but also to all the world, if there is any necessary.

In this process, Turkish Exporters Assembly showed their requisite reaction. Not only were not they content themselves with press releases, but they also gave information to external recipients. Above all, without any program delay, activities have been kept going. As exporters; we will continue to work and produce in favor of our country.

Likewise, how we clamped together to work and produce, and how we smoothed away with resoluteness and elation during crisis times, we have no doubt that we will watch the exactly same steps from now on.

Holiday and Decline in Commodity Prices Affected Exportation

In July 2015, there were 22 work days. And In 2016, due to 9 day holiday, there were 16 work day left and decline in commodity prices had bad influences upon our export. Turkey's export has been 7 billion 779 million USD, decreased by 18.7% compared to last year. In January -July term, our recorded export rate is 80 billion 447 million USD with 4.9% decline when it is compared to last year.

According to Turkish Exporters Assembly's data; Denizli's export in July - with 13.5% decline-has fallen back from 232 million USD to 201 million USD. Considering first seven months of the year; Denizli's export increased by 4.2% and was 1 billion 546 million USD when it is compared to last year's rate.

Turkey's Export Increased In Quantity Base First 7 Months

Whilst contraction in world trade continues, Turkey's export performance not that bad at all. It is needed to be highlighted that, Turkey's export showed 4.5% increase in quantity base during first 7 months process.

As business world and exporters, we are more hopeful about the future. With the new regulations of the government, our faith is thorough for advance in external trade in a short period of time.




Deputy Chairman of Turkish Exporters Assembly

President of Denizli Exporters Association