27 Companies from Denizli in The List of First 1000 Exporters…

The first 1000 exporter companies-2016 Research was announced by Turkish Exporters Assembly. 27 companies from Denizli took place in the list and considering the number of firms entering the first 1000 exporters in Turkey, our Province Denizli took 7th place in it.

As it is known, Denizli is a city that contributes to the economy of the country much more than the export numbers. Our export of USD 2.7 billion last year is one of the most important indicators of this situation. Based on the January-May period this year, we see that there is an increase by 7.4% in exports compared to the same period last year.

I believe that, in the coming years, our number of companies will continue to contribute to the economy of our province and our country by being among the first 1000 exporter companies.

Step by step we are walking to our target..

Despite a 0.8% decrease in our country exports in 2016, , we carried our shares whether from world trade or from European Union imports to record levels. In 2017, we are all aware of the positive developments in our country's exports.

If we leave behind the first 5 months, we see that the increase in the country's exports is 10%. I believe that the end of the year, we will leave the Medium Term Program target of 153.3 billion USD behind. As we have always mentioned, we must continue to increase our share of high value-added products in our exports by investing more in R&D, innovation, design and branding.




Deputy Chairman of Turkish Exporters Assembly

President of Denizli Exporters Association