12 Companies from Denizli in “The First 500 List of ICI”.

Istanbul Chamber of Industry announced "Turkey's the biggest 500 Industrial Establishments". According to the results of the research; we are happy to announce having 12 Companies from Denizli in the list. As it is known; especially in the recent years Denizli is different than other Anatolian cities in terms of increase in the sectoral diversity. When we look at the research results; we see that from 12 companies in the list operate in different sectors: 5 companies of them in cable-copper wire, 2 of them in iron-steel, 2 of them in food, 2 of them in textile and 1 of them in energy sector.

These companies also make a huge contribution to the export rates of our city Denizli at the same time. Having over 10 companies from Denizli in "The First 500 List” shows the importance of Denizli in the country's economy. I hope that in the forthcoming years, much more of our companies will continue to contribute to our economy by taking part in the list.




Deputy Chairman of Turkish Exporters Assembly

President of Denizli Exporters Association