A Strong Performance in Exports...

2017's export data registered by Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) was announced by Nihat Zeybekci, Economy Minister of Turkey. We left an important year in exports behind. Our annual export target of 153,3 billion USD at the beginning of the year was revised to 156,5 billion USD in the year. In our evaluations, we often expressed that we could achieve this goal and even leave our new target behind.

We have seen that with December figures, our country's exports increased by 10.22% to 157.1 billion USD in 2017 compared to the previous year and we have reached the second highest export figure of our Republican history. We are proud because, we walked with confident steps to our targets during the year and tried to provide added value to our country's exports all over the world…

In December, exports increased by 10.1 % and realized as 13 billion 569 million USD. It is a clue for the positive trend of the coming year to provide the export increase for 14 months. I believe that we will reach our goal of 2018, 169 billion USD and we will have a new record breaking our highest export figure.

Exports of Denib and Denizli Exceeded Their Targets

Double digited raise of Denizli and Denib exports also exceeded the expectations. In Denizli which exported to nearly 170 country, the export registered by Denizli Exporters Association realized as 202 million USD and increased by 7,6 percent in December. In January-December period, exports of DENIB increased by 14% to 2 billion 449 million USD.

Denizli exports, recorded by TIM, also achieved a strong performance in 2017. In December, Denizli's export which is increased by 15% and realized as 275 million USD; in January- December period increased by 11% and was registered as 3 billion 067 million USD.

Performed increase in exports of our country and our province during the year we left behind is extremely pleasing. Along with the new year, we are starting to work for our new goals again and more strongly.



Deputy Chairman of Turkish Exporters Assembly

President of Denizli Exporters Association