We have left behind the first three months of 2016. With 2.6 increase Turkey's exportation has reached to 11.5 billion USD.

Exportation, which was recorded by DENIB, was 185 million USD with %12 increase considering last year's same month. According to Turkey Exporters Assembly data; Denizli based companies exportation in March was 227 million USD with 5 % jump. According to TIM's data; during January - March period, Denizli's exportation was 639 million USD decreasing %1. According to DENIB's data, increasing %5, exportation was 517 million USD in the same time period.

The bullish trend the exports showed in first two months is giving hope for the rest of the year as well. Leaving 2015 behind, We stated that reason for decline in exportation was parity. In the first quarter of 2016, parity impact has hint itself somewhat either. Although there is regression based on USD, we see 11% increase in Turkey's exportation rate based on quantity. On the other hand; we believe export values will show enhancement in parallel of quantity statistics.

Export Market in Europe Remains Important

Europe is still our most important market. During March, Turkey's exportation to EU increased %14. Meanwhile, due to removed embargo; exportation to Iran increased up to %44.

On the other side, with the rising appreciation of USD, the countries who use USD has brought up great opportunities to market. Seeing that, North American countries are on the top of the list. The markets that we had been influential at the beginning of 2000s, can become more attractive again.

We Grew %4 in 2015. Role of the Export is Important in Growth

At the end of the March, growth rates related to last year was announced and we saw that 5% growth was achieved. In plain words, fluctuations in geography we reside in disappointed us a little bit. However, Turkey is a country who has potential and ability to boost its economy even during the most compelling times, same as its logo indicates. In 5.7% growth in the last quarter of 2015, net export additive is 1.3% which shows export's influence in economy.

As known, the help of export in every year is previsualized at 2016- 2018 medium-term program. Our wish net export may contribute to the growth with net contribution. Our expectations from government is them to continue to take steps to ensure the continuity and serve the objectives and projections of export growth.




Deputy Chairman of Turkish Exporters Assembly

President of Denizli Exporters Association