Denizli will reach the annual export target

According to the data of Turkish Exporters Assembly, in Jan-Sep 2014 export value of Denizli increased by 8 % with respect to that of previous year. So it is possible to say that, at the end of the year we wil reach our annual export target.

The Economic Indicators of The USA present a positive figure

When we look at the general view of the US Economy in the last few years we can definetely say that, according to the current indicators the country is in a rapid recovery period. So this also makes us hopeful regarding our comercial relationship with the USA

Export to EU Countries Goes On Rising

Despite the indicators are not as good as those of the USA, Turkey continues to export to EU in large amounts. EU economy grew only 0,2 % for the firs half of the year. However Turkey achieved to rise its export to European Countries by 13% in Jan-Sep period of 2014.

Currency Rates are Fluctuating

TL has been falling against US Dollar for one month. Actually this is stemming from the own Dynamics of the USA. It is not only TL losing value againt US Dollar but also those of the other countries like Brasil, South Africa, Indonesia.

On the other hands, Euro/Dollar rate is very improtant for the exporters since EU is main market of Turkey. If the rate goes on diminishing, it is obvious profit margins will melt rapidly.




Deputy Chairman of TİM

President of DENIB