Exports in Turkey increased by % 1,1 to USD 13.1 billion in December of 2014 compared to the same month of the previous year while the total Turkish exports in 2014 showed an increase of 4 percent year-on-year and totaled USD 158 billion.

Denizli Exports Increased by % 4 in 2014

DENİB exports in January- December 2014 period increased % 7 and reached to USD 2. 3 billion. According to the data released by Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM), Denizli's total exports in 2014 went up by 4 percent and totaled USD 3.2 billion. With this performance, Denizli was ranked as 8 th among all provinces in Turkey as in the previous year.

Economic Prospects for 2015 World Trade

World economy and trade in 2015 are expected to be bounded growth as in the previous year. The U.S economy is supposed to increased by 3,1 percent whereas an increase of 1 percent is expected for Euro Zone economy. Besides, World trade is expected to go up by 2 percent. In other words, the oncoming atmosphere in the world trade will be similiar to the one in 2014. However, we are trying to have a positive look for 2015. After an challanging 2014 with an increase of %4 in our total exports, we hope that Turkey will show a better performance than the rest of the world.

Recovery in U.S. Economy Goes on

Economic data of U.S. show that the U.S. economy is in good shape and is going to be better off in 2015. We propose that the transport costs of global financial sources will increase once the FED begins to raise interest rates even it is not the beginning of 2015.

If we evaluate monetary expansion of EU together with the economic conditions in U.S., EUR / USD exchange rate in 2015 is supposed to be lower and the parity is expected to be approximately 1.2 , which will bring about a price pressure in our exports to Europe.

Uncertanity in Turkey's Important Export Markets

The latest reduction in fuel prices has resulted in a considerable revenue lost for Russia whose economy mostly depends on petroleum. While foreign exchange reserves of Russia are gradually decreasing, The Central Bank of the Russian Federation is hiking interest rates. In this atmosphere, it is proposed that 2015 will be recession year for Russian economy as for Japanese economy. The political uncertainty in the Middle East badly affects our exports to those markets because Europe, Russia and Middle East are our significant export markets. It should not be forgetten that Turkey's exports in 2014 showed an increase compared to the previous year in despite of the economic and political crises all over the world.




Deputy Chairman of TİM

President of DENIB