We Are The First In Roasted Chickpeas Export, Th Third In Sunflower Seed Export

Denizli, the ninth exporting city of Turkey, exports almost 3.000 products from home textile to machinery, from marble to cable. One of the significant exporter sector of Denizli is dried nuts. Denizli exported 42 million USD worth of dried nuts in 2019. Roasted chickpeas and sunflower seeds are among the important products of the sector. The President of Denizli Exporters Association Hüseyin Memişoğlu said that they export dried nuts over 50 countries and Denizli is the first in the export of roasted chickpeas, the third in the export of sunflower seed of Turkey.

We Are the Pioneer in Roasted Chickpeas both in the Production and Export

Stating that the roasted chickpeas export from Denizli in 2019 was 5.8 million USD, DENİB President Hüseyin Memişoğlu said that Denizli had 45 percent of share of the total roasted chickpeas export from Turkey and said:

“Denizli is the most exporting city of Turkey in roasted chickpeas and export almost 40 countries. As known, Denizli produces the large part of roasted chickpeas alone. Considering the success in the export field, we can obviously say that Denizli is the pioneer in the roasted chickpeas both in the production and export.

Remarkable Increase in the Export of Sunflower Seed

Sharing data about the sunflower seed, DENİB President Hüseyin Memişoğlu told that the sunflower seed is exported almost 30 countries from Denizli and said “The sunflower seed export of Denizli which was 13.3 million USD in 2018 reached to 21.4 million USD in 2019. The increase rate is over 60 percent. The sunflower seed comprises more than half of the total dried nuts export which is worth 42 million USD”

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