Machinery Sector Has High Potential

Denizli machinery sector has shown a strong export performance in recent years. The export of the sector, which includes many sub-groups such as marble, food, textile and cable machinery, increased by 24 percent in 2018 and 21 percent in 2019, and countinued to contribute our provinces export.

DENİB President Hüseyin Memişoğlu stated that the machinery sector has an important potential and said “As DENİB, we want to carry the export increase of the sector further. We aim to increase the clustering awareness of the sector with clustering project and make our machinery exporters play a more active role in foreign markets,”.


Machinery Export from Denizli to 105 Countries

The sector, which exported 41 million USD in 2017, raised its export to 51 million USD in 2018 and 61.5 million USD in 2019. DENİB President Hüseyin Memişoğlu stated that machine and its parts have been exported to 105 countries in the last 2 years. He continued his words as follows:

“Machinery sector is one of our fast-growing sectors that have increased both export and market diversity recently. We export machinery to various countries from America to Russia, from Sub-Saharan Africa to different locations of Asia.

Last year, machinery export from Denizli to the USA was more than 10 million USD. Other countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Italy and India followed the USA. This situation shows as an important indication that Denizli machinery manufacturers export the machines to all over the world. I would like to thank all of our machinery producer companies for their contribution to our exports."


We Believe That Clustering will Contribute to the Sector

Stating that clustering projects carried out in different sectors are also active in the machinery sector, President Memişoğlu said:

“We started the machinery sector clustering project last year as a result of the pleasing developments in the Denizli machinery industry. We believe that clustering will contribute to both the industry and our exports. So, we examine the activities of different clusters known around the world. In the coming period, we will organize various activities abroad and prepare the ground for our export companies to hold bilateral business meetings."


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