Hosted Buyer Programme by DENİB in Marble İzmir Fair

Denizli was represented by 59 companies at the Marble İzmir 27th International Natural Stone and Technologies Fair between 30th of March and 2nd of April, 2022. Bilateral business meetings were held for 3 days within the Hosted Buyer Programme organized by DENİB.

DENİB President Hüseyin Memişoğlu shared his opinions at the opening speech of the fair and said:

“Our province reached 4.6 billion USD record export value in 2021, natural stone sector also contributed to the export which is another record as well. In 2021, our natural stone sector exports increased by 37.5 percent to 287 million dollars. The natural stone industry received a share of 6.3 percent from our total exports. First of all, we congratulate all our exporters who contribute to the economy of our province and our country, and wish them many successful and fruitful year.

When we analyze the sector in more detail, we see that Denizli exports to 123 countries. In the last year, the first country which we exported the most in natural stone sector was the USA, with an increase of 53 percent and an export value of 132 million USD; followed by France with 36.6 million USD, People's Republic of China with 25.2 million USD, Australia with 17.5 million USD and Romania with 9.4 million USD. The diversity of the countries also shows power of the sector.”


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