Denizli Food Cluster Project was in Moscow

International Sourcing Meetings Denizli Exporters Association for Food Cluster Project

Simultaneous Fair and Company Visits

Denizli Exporters Association completed the international sourcing meeting program held in simultaneous dates with Prodexpo 2023 Exhibition for Food, Beverages and Food Raw Materials, one of the most important fairs of Russia and Eastern Europe, held in Moscow, the capital of Russia, between 06-10 February 2023.

During the program, 14 representatives from 8 member companies (Altıntop Dried Fruits, Aynira Food, Berkiz Food, Biriz Dried Fruits, Çalışkan Agriculture, Helta Food, Kocabaylar and Teknel Agriculture) of “Denizli Food Sector Cluster" organized by Denizli Exporters Association with support of Ministry of Trade, had B2B meetings with Russian buyers and visited companies.

Hüseyin Memişoğlu, President of Denizli Exporters Association, commenting on the program depending on the participants' feedback: “First of all, I would like to begin with that I feel very sorrow, I once again wish condolences to our entire nation for the loss of lives in the earthquake, urgent healing to our wounds and strength to endure.

Our Food Cluster Project was in Moscow, the capital of Russia, within the scope of the meetings planned 2 months in advance. 8 Denizli companies conducted B2B meetings with Russian buyers and introduced their products and activities. At the same time, our exporters continued their commercial contacts, visiting the Prodexpo Fair.

In 2022, despite all the economic adversity experienced around the world, Denizli's agricultural sector exports increased by 17% compared to the previous year. Our exports of 289 million dollars in 2021 reached 338 million dollars in 2022. Our agricultural sector's share in Denizli's total exports is around 7.2%.

In 2023, I believe that our export growth in the sector will continue. In addition to our international B2B meetings that we carried out at the same time with Prodexpo fair, we continued our contacts by visiting wholesale and retail centers and Russian buyers.

Süreyya Çalışkan, Board Member of Denizli Exporters Association, who participated in the program, stated: "The earthquake in our country affected us all deeply. While we were conducting our sourcing meetings in Russia, we were constantly keeping one ear on the news coming from our country. I would like to reiterate once again our condolences and wishes for patience due to our losses.”

Within the scope of our meetings in Moscow, we visited the fair, conducted B2B meetings and established company contacts. Denizli's agricultural sector has a rising momentum. We believe that this positive course will continue in 2023."



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