Denizli Exporters Associaton (DENIB) Is Representing The Natural Stone Sector At Marmomac Fair


Marmomac Fair organized in Verona, Italy started on September 26th. DENIB participated in the fair for the second time, lasting until September 29, 2023.

DENIB participated in the Marmomac Fair for the natural stone industry, held in Verona/Italy between 26-29 September 2023, with an info stand. Thus, DENIB enables member companies to use the stand area for their individual meetings and promote the sector during the fair.

Denizli Deputy Şahin TİN, DENIB President Hüseyin MEMİŞOĞLU and DENIB Vice President İbrahim UZUNOĞLU visited the companies and extended their wishes for success.

DENIB President Hüseyin MEMİŞOĞLU stated the following regarding the fair:

“There are 161 companies participating in the fair from Türkiye. 25 Companies are representing Denizli. With DENIB info stand, we aim to support our members and to provide a meeting area for our companies which are fair visitors without participation with stand.

As you know, the mining sector has a significant place in Denizli's exports. The mining sector has a share of approximately 6,5 percent of our city's total exports. Last year, we exported 280 millon dollars worth of natural stone. According to the latest figures, Denizli's natural stone exports has reached 175 million dollars in the first eight months of the year.”

We maintain the top rank in processed natural stone exports.

DENIB President Hüseyin MEMİŞOĞLU stated that the most striking feature of mining sector in Denizli is the export share of 85 percent in processed natural stone; “In the January – August period of 2023, Denizli's processed natural stone exports amounted to 146.3 million dollars. With these exports, our city ranks at the top of the country in processed natural stone exports.

337 companies from our city export processed natural stone and travertine to more than 115 countries. When we evaluate in terms of country groupings; we export 43 percent of natural stone to North American countries, 25 percent to European countries, 9 percent to Asian and Middle – Eastern countries and 7 percent to Ocenia countries.

Denizli's natural stone exporters follow the current trends and produce at world standards. It is possible to see Denizli marbles in the most famous centers of the world.

I extend my best wishes that the Marmomac Fair, opening its doors for the 57th time this year, will be beneficial and productive for all participants, and I invite our visitor companies to our stand for their meetings.


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